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Global Symphony

Dr. L. Subramaniam with Members of the London Symphony Orchestra, Special Guest Appearance By Kavita Krishnamurti. "Ambi" Subramaniam (violin) K. Sekar (tavil) and Sukhwinder Singh Namdhari (tabla)
Live Concert 107 Minuten

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Filmed Live at the Barbican Centre, London, September 2006 Everybody has gone cross-cultural now. You will have to search hard to find Indian classical musicians who are not involved in playing outside their own box, whether they call it fusion, crossover, or community education. But you sometimes have to wonder about the motivation when the global market is so tempting, and on those occasions you look to the great pioneers to remember the ideals that have driven the whole process of seeking to find common ground with musicians from another tradition. The North Indian Pandit Ravi Shankar and the South Indian Dr L Subramaniam, incontestably at the top end of their respective professional environments, were both early to express visions of international harmony that complement an insatiable musical curiosity, and have maintained them over a period of decades.

L Subramaniam, with his long-standing ventures into composing with Western classical elements - he took a master's degree in the subject at California Institute of Arts - has kept a distinctive profile in this expanding company. The London concert preserved on this DVD, in which this classical Carnatic musician shares the platform with the members of the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO), is one example.

CARNATIC CLASSICAL. Dr L Subramaniam (violin) and "Ambi" Subramaniam (violin), K. Sekar (tavil) and Sukhwinder Singh Namdhari (tabla) Raga Mohanam (Raga Bhupali in the Hindustani system) Alap Kriti: Ennai Katharulvai in Adi Taal (8-beat cycle), In praise of Lord Ganesh Composed by Dr L Subramaniam INVOCATORY SONG Kavita Krishnamurti The Indian Ensemble Om Namah Shivaya - Song from Film Bhairavi (1996) Lyrics: Amit Khanna; Music Director: Laxmikant & Pyarelal GLOBAL SYMPHONY - Composed by Dr L Subramaniam Kavita Krishnamurti (vocal) LSO conducted by Dr L. Subramaniam The Indian Ensemble SPRING RHAPSODY - Composed by Dr L Subramaniam LSO conducted by Dr L. Subramaniam NADA PRIYA - Composed by Dr L Subramaniam Dr L Subramaniam (violin) and "Ambi" Subramaniam (violin) LSO conducted by Mark Lockett

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